I have been voicing scripts since 2007 when I qualified in radio production. Since then, I have worked on corporate projects for national clients such as the National Health Service, Royal Mail, and Oracle, among others.  20 years in the corporate world means I have excellent communication skills and understanding of sales and marketing requirements.

I have recorded programme intros and dj drops, plus many adverts for radio stations around the world, and I regularly work on corporate narrations for training, podcasts, how-to videos and marketing promotions.

My radio background has given me an acute sense of timing, and I can provide light and shade – the difference between reading a serious news story and an upbeat promo for a DJ!

I invest in continuous professional development, belong to professional organisations and attend workshops and webinars to keep my skills up to date and stay abreast of trends.  Yes there are trends in VO – currently the preference is for a conversational, realistic style.

I am listed on many voiceover website but prefer to work directly with valued clients who come back again and again.


Home Studio

Custom-built Carillon production pc
Shock mounted Rode & Shure mics with Popshield
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 interface
Tascam Digital Recorder
Adobe Audition 3.0 & Pro Tools
ISDN, TBU and Skype
Airmate radio production mixing desk (with pro CD and multi-media inputs)
Professional monitoring
Acoustic treatment
Sound FX library
Extensive music library
Vocal coach on hand for those unusual requests
Bags of inspiration

Articulate, and able to deliver a great first read. Very receptive to direction, delivering subtle nuances to emphasis, tone, pitch and speed. Able to identify and deliver key messages quickly.

I have experience converting technical or jargonny scripts into a smooth read, also refinement of scripts written by non-english speakers.   My experience as a radio presenter always helps with those projects which require a more relaxed, conversational style and in interviews. It has also given me a tight control on timing!


Professional Energetic Knowledgable Fun Confident

Warm, assured, Smooth, Emotive, Calming, Sexy, Slight RP vocal tones

Royal Mail, NHS, Oracle Retail Solutions, Hullo Creative, Sounds Sorted, The Athena Network.  Mypromovideo  Ecobrand  Spirit Hair Company