Dodgy Vibes in the Community

OK possibly opening a right can of worms here. Let’s start by saying that every community station is different. Some are local commercial affairs.  Others use radio purely as a vehicle for delivering training in ’employability’ skills. Some operate to provide a medium for very specific communities.  And there are many others in between.

Unfortunately it seems to me that the term ‘community’ conjures up a vision of middle aged men in corderoys and sandals living out a teenage dream of being a dj. Yes there are some stations like this, without a doubt (and the subject of male/female balance in radio teams is the subject of another post). Wycombe Sound is ‘Local’ . We’ve dropped all references to ‘Community’ in our own marketing. We’ll leave it to others to say “Yes, they really are at the heart of the community” because that way, the term is used in a positive way.