About Pippa

Once radio is in your blood, it never leaves you.    I remember listening to the radio under the bedcovers as a teenager, falling asleep to the voices of my favourite DJs.   The voice is an amazing tool with the power to convey so much more than the written word.
I love working in radio.  Every day is different and brings the opportunity to learn something new.    It was through radio that I first got asked to do voiceovers and these two things go hand in hand, which is always helpful.
Having worked in a few different types of station, I co-founded Wycombe Sound 106.6fm in 2013, and put it on a permanent footing in 2016.  In 2017 we were crowned “Station of the Year” at the CRAs, after just eight months on air.  You can read more about that on the Radio page.
I spend my time between Wycombe Sound 106.6fm and my home studio where usually there are a few dogs around my feet.  Wherever I am, the kettle is always on and there is usually cake.
I’m a Sound Woman, a former Council Member of the Community Media Association, and a member of The Radio Academy.